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Is your JMD aluminium product genuine?

For almost a decade now, JMD International has been at the heart of construction projects as trusted manufacturer & supplier of aluminium profiles and hardware. There has been a dynamic evolution in the range of products and services offered by the company. JMD is known to create cutting edge aluminium openings to meet the requirement of the market without compromising with quality. Having a high reputation on the market for efficiency, quality and aesthetic, JMD’s products are unfortunately being copied and these products are of poor quality which you should be aware of.

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Aluminium doors in Mauritius

Sliding aluminium door

If you have chosen aluminium as primary material for your home or building’s openings, you made the right choice. However, at JMD International, we don’t just follow the trend. As a key player in the construction industry, we have worked on construction and renovation projects of all sizes. We specialise in the fenestration department to provide the construction industry with high quality aluminium doors in Mauritius.

A door serves as an opening but also serves as a layer of protection against heat, cold, bad weather and can also have sound insulation capabilities. Now add to this the fact that it has to be durable and easy to maintain. Aluminium doors help do all of the above and even more.

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