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Choosing Aluminium Openings for Your Project. (Part 1)

Choosing Aluminium openings can prove to be difficult – be it for a new home project or for a next renovation plan. To help you in this process, we build up collection of useful and easy tips.  Part 1 of this article will be focussed on new construction projects. Coming up next week will be part 2 which will deal with aluminium choices for renovation projects.

Some very important points to consider are: 

  • Your Needs (Comfort & Security)
  • Your Building Architecture
  • Quality of openings 
  • The supplier & installer who will be fixing those openings. 
  • And of course your Budget
  1. Know Your Needs.

When picking aluminium openings such as: aluminium doors, aluminium windows, roller shutters, canopies , roof-lights, louvers amongst others, the first step is to consider what you need and what you want for your home. 

Try to consider the following:

  • Comfort & Safety:  Your family’s, yours and that of your hosts. When picking an aluminium sliding door for example, you can enhance security by opting for a protect door or shutters.
  • Product Efficiency: Aluminium doors and windows are not something which you are going to change every year, so make sure to choose something efficient and functional. Your openings should last.
  • Energy Efficiency: Moving towards a greener environment this is important and also an energy efficient window for example minimise the energy needed to cool or heat up the inner of your building. The glazing of your openings here would play an important role. 

2. Your Building Architecture. 

Aluminium openings should not only blend into your chosen architecture but should also enhance it. Your architect would be able to advise you on that else our professional team can always assist you. As an example, if you want more light into your home and you prefer an open concept for your common area (living, dining & kitchen), large sliding glass doors is what you seek. 

3. Your Supplier & Installer – Professionalism & Quality.

Be very careful when choosing the team you want to work with. There are many aluminium suppliers and installers around you, make sure to chose the professional ones. You do not want the installation to ruin your walls or flooring. Very often the product might be of good quality but the installers do a poor job at mounting the openings. The key is to choose a team of professionals with knowledge into the product you’ve chosen while assuring a good after sales service. For example, you don’t want to be left with a malfunctioning handle for months waiting for your installer to revert back to your calls. JMD may recommend to you a certified fabricator and installer from its list.

JMD International provides one of the best aluminium bars and openings of the local market. It should be noted that JMD offers 10 years* warranty on aluminium bars and 2 years* warranty on accessories*. 

Never compromise on quality! Quality ensures safety, reliability, functionality and effectiveness. 

Stay tuned for the part 2 of tips! Meanwhile , you may always contact us for any query you may have.

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Aluminium windows Mauritius

The building and construction industry in Mauritius has changed drastically in the last twenty or even 10 years. Standards are not the same and even in openings and doors. If you are planning the construction of a new house, apartment or commercial building, you might probably be convinced by the modern look of aluminium windows in Mauritius.

Nevertheless, we’ll in this article take a look at what aluminium openings are and how they can benefit your home or commercial building. This article is brought to you by JMD International. Our company was created with the ambition to service the construction industry and more specifically the fenestration business.

Why aluminium window?

At JMD, our aluminum windows are timeless, individual and convince with many positive
features. They are lightweight, extremely stable and require only a small amount of
maintenance for a long service life. Due to the high stability and load-bearing capacity,
aluminum can also be used to produce windows in unusual sizes or shapes that would not be feasible with other materials.

Why buy an aluminum window?

Long life and easy care, aluminum doors and windows are permanent and need no painting.They have thermally separated profiles, which also have very good insulating properties. As a corrosion-free light metal, aluminum is extremely easy to clean and even bad weather conditions. Thanks to the high-quality stove enamel finish, even after a few years, it still seems to shine. They require little maintenance. Here are some key features:

● Stainless light metal
● Long-lasting colors by stoving
● Low maintenance

Modern looking windows

The appearance of an aluminum window differs significantly from windows made of other
materials. Aluminium windows look sophisticated and of premium quality. Aluminium frames can also be shaped to harmoniously blend in the design of your building.
All window shapes can be produced with aluminum profiles. When large window sizes are
desired, it can no longer be produced with a plastic profile. Elaborate and expensive to product are semi-circular, circular or window with a segmental arc, since the production of the round elements requires a lot of manual work.

Thermal insulation

The standard version is always equipped with double insulating glazing. Since metal has less good insulation properties than, say, wood, it is important to pay attention to good seals and insulations in aluminum windows.

So even passive house windows can be made of aluminum. Our aluminum windows are
equipped with special materials and profiled insulating bars. As a result, our products achieve very good thermal insulation values.

JMD International Ltd Aluminium windows Mauritius
The S LINE system is a range of aluminium system developed by JMD International Ltd, with the support of its partners.The S LINE has been developed to meet the market demand for quality products at more competitive prices.

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