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Tips: How to clean and maintain your aluminium doors & windows.

Your JMD aluminium openings such as aluminium doors, windows, shutters, louvers amongst others, need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning and maintenance of powder coated aluminium surfaces is important as it may affect your Guarantee. Here are some useful tips and information to you on how to clean aluminium powder coated openings.


These cleaning procedures need to be carried out according to the following schedule in order to maintain the validity of your JMD warranty.

  • General Environments – 6 months
  • Marine and industrial environments – 3 months

“Marine environments are defined as any location within two kilometers of a body of salt water. Severe marine environments (200 meters) will require more frequent cleaning.”


Vacuum floor channels regularly to remove debris. A build-up of sand leaves or animal hair can affect the operation of your door/screen.

Door Frame and glass exterior

Choose a time when the door is out of strong, direct sunlight for cleaning. Strong sunlight may leave watermarks as water dries before you can wipe them away.


Normal surfaces

The surfaces can be cleaned with water to which a mild soap or environmentally friendly bio- degradable household detergent has been added. After washing, the surfaces must be rinsed in clean water with a sponge, and dried with a soft, absorbent cloth. This operation can be combined with a window-cleaning operation.

Dirty surfaces

It is possible to use “degreasing-polishing” cleaning products. These products contain a wetting agent and removing agents. It is highly recommended to obtain JMD approval before using any products.

In all cases, it is recommended that the cleaning process be completed with rinsing in clean water and drying with a soft, absorbent cloth.


NEVER – It is essential to avoid the use of aggressive products, such as dishwasher detergents, laundry detergent, solvents and alkaline or acid products. Highly abrasive scouring pads, such as steel wool, emery paper, etc. should be avoided. Avoid cleaning surfaces, and particularly lacquered surfaces, when they are hot or in direct sunlight.

ALWAYS – Complete the cleaning process by rinsing with clean water and drying with a soft, absorbent cloth

ALWAYS – Oil and grease hardware before installation and regularly as a maintenance procedure.

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