Renovation Project

Choosing Aluminium Openings for a Renovation Project – Part 2

Choosing aluminium openings for your home or office can prove to be difficult as discussed in Part 1 of our article. Renovation projects can get complicated without proper guidance. However it is never too late to give a new life to your property.  Over time, renovation becomes a must. Some crucial points to consider when choosing aluminium openings are: 

  • Architecture¬†
  • Your Needs¬†
  • Functionality
  • Budget
  • Team you choose to work with (Contact JMD who may recommend a certified fabricator and installer from his list)
  • Quality of product
  • Architecture

Part one of our article elaborated on the importance of considering your home architecture when choosing aluminium doors, windows or other openings for a new construction project. In case of a renovation project, the architecture of the building should also be taken into account when choosing an aluminium opening. Should you want for your home to have more of a modern architecture, wide openings such as sliding doors, inviting more light into the room, would be recommended. The size and type of openings you choose would play a major role is elevating the architecture of your house and changing its appearance for the best.

  • Your Needs

When considering a renovation, it is important to note that replacing aluminium windows are not the only way to go about.  A room could need:

  • Windows or doors replacement
  • New aluminium openings installation
  • Windows, doors, security grills repairs 
  • Maintenance
  • Accessories replacement such as handles or locks replacement.

So make sure not to limit your projects to removing existing openings to get them replaced with new ones.

  • Functionality

Getting brand new aluminium windows, doors, louvres, shutters may be pleasing to the eyes however the functionality of the product should be assessed. When working on a renovation project, it is important to see if the new replaced openings are functional. For instance, how to know if your sliding door is functional? Here are some points to be considered:

  • Is the opening allowing ventilation in the room as you would have wanted/needed?
  • Are the openings used allowing enough light in the room?
  • The view you seek to get from the room looking outside or the view looking in from outside. 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Security.
  • Budget

There is a wide range of products out on the market however your choice should depend on your needs but also on your budget. Having said that, never compromise on quality as very often the cheaper option is always the one that ends up costing more. So, budget well! Requesting a quote is always a first step to assure that one is  shopping within their budget.

More tips such as the importance of the team you hire, comfort & safety and more have been discussed in Part 1 of our article. Should you require any additional information for your renovation project, please do contact us.