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Are you in search for the best shutters for your home or commercial building in Mauritius? You have come to the right place.

At JMD International, we have been making various types of shutters since 2010. Thanks to our experience in the building and construction industry in Mauritius, we have crafted the highest-quality shutters on the market.

Our products are tailor-made and we think that no project is too big or small. JMD is known for its use of advanced technological machinery and quality materials. Whether it is shutters or aluminium doors and windows, our products are characterised by their strong durability and modern aesthetic looks.

Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters are all long-lasting. One example is our SLINE roller shutters system, which provides an added layer of security against extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and flying debris. This system also offers security against burglars and ensures noise protection. You can use them for old and new buildings. They are also an elegant and stylish alternative to blinds.

Panel shutters

Panel shutters guarantee a better insulation and security of your property This type of shutter has the advantage of a lower risk of deformation than for a traditional “solid wood” shutter. It adapts to all demands and offers dimensional stability.

  1. Casement Shutter

If you want the decorative architectural colonial style, your choice will naturally be the Casement Shutter. To promote this well known colonial state look, the casement shutter presents a clear advantage; it is side hinged and stacked on both sides. This type of shutter ensures optimal protection against violent weather conditions. Casement Shutters also have the advantage of near to zero maintenance cost when compared to alternatives such as traditional timber shutter.

Casement Shutter
  1. Sliding shutter

Sliding shutters are not only practical, they also provide protection of your building from direct sunlight and cyclonic conditions while enhancing the aesthetics of your openings.

Sliding Shutter

Designed with full louver blades or adjustable ones at heights, a sliding shutter also ensures privacy and protection against burglary.

  1. Cyclonic Delta Shutter

The Cyclonic Delta Shutter is a complete and versatile shutter system designed for residential as well as multi-storey commercial applications where protection against cyclonic winds, flying debris, theft are required. Designed specifically for doors, windows and verandahs, the Delta Shutter is a complete and fully versatile option for your home or building in Mauritius.

Volet Delta

Not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the delta shutters also take no more space. When not in use, they are stacked behind the openings and when in use, they simply unfold in an accordion manner to cover toad protect the openings during a storm.

  1. NewSolar® Shutters

Created with highest quality extruded aluminium, the Solarsis Roller Shutter is ranked as the most advanced sun-blind shutters across the globe. The newSolar® offers diverse dimming or gradual irradiation solutions making the enjoyment of natural light hassle-free.  This motorised sun-breaker provides a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Start saving energy right away.

New Solar Roller Shutter

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