JMD Aluminium Mauritius : What is a Casement Windows?

Casement windows are a type of window with the ability to move into a position and is permanently attached to the the frame. They can pivot or hinge with an in or out opening along a vertical side of their frame. This mechanics often works from a right angle position and at a 90 degree .

A range of sizes is available. To open the casement window we have to use the attached device like a handle or crank, or lever swinging, open from top, bottom or sides.

A Summary History of Casement Window

Casement windows were the very first style of window for domestic use and continue to be a common choice since before the middle ages. Even with the onset of sash windows in 1600s, they have been, and, remained the most preferred. Casement windows originated in places like , Germany, France UK with heavy adaptation in Canada and United States.

Typically, they opened outward and placed below fixtures or another window.  The French version is most fashionable to this day. Known as French Windows, they open inward which allows for entry into porches, balconies, patios and etc…

Benefits of Casement Windows

What is Old is New Again

Casement windows give a modernised look to your home and on the other hand, you are preserving a historic and centuries-old construction people have utilised on through the ages.


You have to use the handle-type mechanism for the window to open. With casement window it  will be hard for someone to break into your house. Even if someone breaks the glass, they still will not be able to enter your house because they will have to use the crank or the lever to get in.

Efficiency and Budget

This specific window is listed among the most energy-efficient for the year 2020.

The locking mechanisms of  casement windows protect from changes in weather and seasons. Thus, there is a great possibility for you to save money on your electric, gas bills, which is always a plus.

Accessibility With Convenience

Casement windows are easier to clean on the outside because of how they open from the frame. The elderly as well as those with physical impairment will aslo be able to open the casement window without having to make great effort to push back or pull up a stuck heavy window. They just have to use the handle to open it.

Proper Control of Airflow

Casement windows offer adequate ventilation throughout your home. It also let in more natural light than other types of window. With casement windows you can have control to let more air in or reduce what blows in on a winy day.

If you decide to choose a casement window to put in your new home or replace the  ones in an older home, do contact a professional like JMD Aluminium Ltd Mauritius. At JMD  there is a wide range of casement windows’ colours, styles and additional features. Contact us for more information.