JMD Aluminium Mauritius: Aluminium Pool Enclosures

If you are thinking of installing a pool enclosure screen in your home, this will bring many benefits, including protection from pests or bugs, enhanced aesthetic appearance, and low pool maintenance.

High quality aluminium pool enclosures are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. By covering your outdoor pool, you can keep out dirt and debris, and this will also help you create a space where your friends and loved ones can relax and unwind in peace.


You do not need to suffer under the scorching heat of the sun in summer anymore. Pool enclosure could be precisely what you are looking for. You can enjoy under the shade comfortably at all times of the day. Even if it is dark outside or if it is raining outside, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, while you are carefully shielded.

Light up the screened pool enclosure and enjoy an evening under the stars with family.


When your children are in the backyard playing, you do not want to worry about an accidental slip or curious mind. Pets also will not be wandering around.

A pool enclosure is a surest way to protect your property and children from accidents.

You will enjoy the heightened privacy and safety. Give yourself peace of mind by protecting your family and your property.


One of the drawbacks of owning a pool is under continuous maintenance.  With pool enclosures installation, leaves and debris that were once found at the bottom of your swimming pool will be gone for good. This will save time on cleaning.

Plus, aluminium is naturally water and rust resistant That means your pool enclosure can easily provide years of enjoyment to you and your loved ones.


Having a swimming pool at home has many benefits on health.  One of them is relaxation and the way the backyard oasis facilitates a stress-free environment. Use your pool to promote a healthy heart, healthy immune system, and healthy mind.  It is also a means of getting your family together. With a swimming pool at home, you can achieve a healthy body.

Installing a swimming pool with aluminium enclosure is a great work, it involves different tools and can be also dangerous. If you do not have the necessary skills and want to avoid costly mistakes it is better to leave this job to a professional. Professionals have all the required tools and are trained installers.


Aluminium is ideal for pool enclosure installation because it is one-third as dense as steel. It has low weight, is non-toxic, has a good thermal conductivity, has great corrosion resistant and can be easily cast, machined and formed.

If your home needs a well-built aluminium pool enclosure, do not hesitate to call  JMD Aluminium Ltd in Mauritius.  From high quality aluminium pool enclosures, to screen rooms, louver system, replacement windows, and many more, we have products to match your home improvement desires and requirements.

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