JMD Aluminium Mauritius: How Do You Fix Bowing Gutters

The purpose of gutters on a house is to protect it from rainwater.  These gutters are designed to move during a storm so that water can get through them and prevent them from leaking into your home.  

Aluminium gutters are definitely the most popular and widely available of all the gutter systems. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours and shapes and have decorative edges.

However, when gutters start bowing if it starts to rain frequently, there are a few things to do to fix them:


If your gutters are crooked, there is a possibility that one of the nails or screws is loose.

If there is no obvious loose nail or screw, check each gutter from above to find out

and tighten any that might be loose. You may also need to replace a screw.


Sometimes leaves and debris collect in the gutters by the abundance of rain thus clogging them.  As your gutters will not be able to hold the weight of their water with the leaves, these clogs can cause your rain gutters to bow. You will have to deal with it immediately otherwise the water can leak into the underside of your roof shingles and subsequently cause rot or mold.


Tape the gutter to stop it to move, and keep it taught by keeping pressure on the tape and tape well from one side to the other side throughout the gutter.  Despite the fact that you want your gutters to be taut during a storm, they will probably leak when they are loose during regular rainstorms because they will not resist. If you have more than one gutter, you will have to repeat this process for each of them.


Repairing the roof is an important step because shingles do not operate properly if there is water on them. The best strategy is to first replace a section of the roof or attach a new roof before you repair your bowing gutters so that your roof is not compromised during this project. This can cause leaks and rot in years to come.


After repairing the roof, you should check your gutters to find out if there are any leaks. This helps ensure that your gutter is fixed properly and allows you to find out if it moves during a storm or if  there are any other problems.

The process mentioned above should resolve most of your issues with bowing gutters.

If you notice one of these things happen now, you can try these steps to find out the problem and fix it before it becomes a big problem in the future. By doing this, you will not have to replace all your gutters thus avoiding the cost.

If you need to repair or install gutters avoid the stress of doing it yourself, do contact JMD Aluminium Mauritius.

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