Aluminium Furniture Trends in Mauritius


The design is very important in choosing your furniture but once this part is done, everything else will flow. The material on its side will help to enhance the beauty of the design more particularly the aluminium one.

The Versatility of Aluminium Furniture

Light-weight, solid and durable, aluminium outdoor furniture is a reliable mainstay that continues to find new life in the latest fashions and innovations. Available in subtle neutrals as well as bright bolds, settings in this material can be easily adapted to your personal style preferences.

Matched with the modern aluminium slatted top coffee table, the low-slung aluminium outdoor lounge and armchairs are inviting options for a relaxed summer get-together. Weather-resistant olefin fabric cushions and a powder-coated aluminum finish make this an exceptionally low-maintenance setting. Style it in bright white as pictured above, or in gunmetal for a more reserved appearance.

The Timeless Appeal of Concrete & Cement Furniture

Concrete and cement outdoor furniture is a fresh design trend with perennial appeal. Whether you’re going for an industrial edge or a rustic, earthy feel, you’re bound to find the ideal piece for your space from the expanding range of concrete and cement furniture in Mauritius.

For a unique and fun twist, swap the poly-cement top dining table for a taller and more intimate cement top bar table and a matching set of outdoor bar chairs. Ideal for sharing drinks and swapping stories under the stars.

The Enduring Charm of Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture is a classic for good reason. Pieces crafted in this material have a familiar, relaxed vibe that will have all your guests feeling at home and make your outdoor area a place you never want to leave. Modern hand-woven synethic wickers capture that classic look and feel with improved durability and weather-resistance for a hassle-free experience.

This is a piece that is full of possibility. Let your guests stretch out on the generous 3-seater as you relax and chat after a meal. Or, at larger gatherings, extra guests can even take a seat on one of the comfortably cushioned ottomans.

Subtle curves and muted charcoal hues lend this setting a touch of sophistication, offsetting the cosy ambiance of wicker.

Aluminium Openings colours trending in 2020

Over the years the door trends have changed especially in 2020. In fact there are large windows and less frame to the return of sliding glass doors.

The selection of your design and finish of your aluminium windows and doors is done, now it’s time to consider the colour options that are going to add the perfect finishing touch to your project.

Once the selection of your aluminium windors and doors are done it will be high time to choose the colours among the trending colours.

Light up your home with whites and creams.

White joinery around your windows and doors gives you so much flexibility, if you’re a fan of a ‘pop of colour’ in your soft furnishings, do choose this colour combination.

Silvers and greys are sleek, modern and bold. They’re also the ideal accompaniment to the popular ‘industrial’ look as well as all your gorgeous stainless-steel kitchen appliances.

Red and yellow and pink and green, create your rainbow

Alright, actually you can opt for a ‘rainbow’ option but the choice of colors for your window and door frames really has come ahead in leaps and bounds from previous generations. Want a lovely pastel pink or purple? A bold red for great feng shui? A striking blue matching the sky? Yellow for the sun? Green for the green, green leaves on the trees in front of your home? Why not?! Get creative and express yourself.

Let the dark side brighten your days

Darker coloured joinery is on the rise, with Monument and Custom Black. Dark window frames work really well if you love dark timber-framed furniture and floors. There is a fantastic colour offset for the light-coloured interior walls that are so on-trend right now.

Aluminium doors design in 2020

The importance of a door to a house needs so special mention. While wooden doors are the most popular ones, they are prone to regular wear and tear. This is where aluminium door designs bring in the difference! Cheaper than plastic and stronger than wood, these doors are worth every penny and last for more than a few decades!

Besides their matchless durability and affordability, aluminium door designs also offer numerous advantages. They can be customized as per your requirements to create stylish, yet functional doors. Let us discuss more their importance, types, buying tips along with some of the latest Aluminum door images!

What Is Aluminium Door?

Aluminium is a silvery material, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The metal is used for making doors for commercial and residential properties.

What Are The Different Types Of Aluminium Doors?

Here are some of the popular varieties of aluminium door designs available in India, along with their benefits:

Aluminium Hinged Doors: These doors come with a hinge attached to the door, which opens inward or outward.

Aluminium BiFold Doors: These are great for exteriors and can be stacked to create space.

Aluminium Sliding Doors: They are low maintenance doors, which are easy to operate. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors of a home.

Aluminium Casement Doors: These doors come with huge, glass panels, which exactly you want for an entrance point. Casement doors also offer good ventilation and complete view of the exteriors.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Doors?

Besides their cost and lightweight properties, Aluminium door designs are packed with a number of benefits to your home.

What to consider when choosing Aluminium Company ?

When picking aluminium openings such as: aluminium doors, aluminium windows, roller shutters, canopies , roof-lights, louvers amongst others, the first step is to consider what you need and what you want for your home.

Aluminium openings should not only blend into your chosen architecture but should also enhance it. Your architect would be able to advise you on that else our professional team can always assist you. As an example, if you want more light into your home and you prefer an open concept for your common area (living, dining & kitchen), large sliding glass doors is what you seek.

JMD International provides one of the best aluminium bars and openings of the local market. It should be noted that JMD offers 10 years* warranty on aluminium bars and 2 years* warranty on accessories*

Choosing Aluminium Openings Over Wood – What Are The Advantages?

The openings in your house are one of the most important decisions when it comes to the building process. There exists so many different choices, colour, sizes but most importantly the material with which you will be making the windows and doors. 

When the discussion of the latter 2 arises, the same 2 options always appear; Wood or Aluminium? While many may engage in this age old discussion, we have prepared a list of advantages, which clearly shows why Aluminium is by far the winner of the competition between these 2 materials. JMD International specialized in aluminium openings in Mauritius compares:

  1. Durability

Windows and doors made out of aluminium provide such a long life and durability that it cannot be compared to any other material, even wood. Taking good care of the aluminium by performing regular and correct cleaning as well as maintenance resulting in the aluminium openings lasting for easily the better part of decades to come. 

Windows and doors made out of wood on the other hand are open to a number of complications such as warping, contracting or expanding due to temperature and humidity, or change in the material due to seasons of the year. These types of openings are hence easily spoiled and will require rapid replacement as they will end up being damaged. 

  1. Cost

The end cost of any opening job relies very much on the number of openings which are to be fitted. That being said, for the same given job, if aluminium were to be used, it would be much cheaper and cost effective than using wood. 

This is because aluminium is a more readily available and easy to obtain, owing to its relatively low price. Moreover, aluminium is much easier to work on hence furthermore reducing the price of using it for the job than using wood. 

  1. Maintenance

Wood being an organic material, is extremely vulnerable to a plethora of problems related to weather. As said above, it expands and contracts depending on the temperature and also is very prone to absorbing moisture, hence causing a phenomenon called warping, which is basically the wood getting deformed. 

As a result, wood windows require much maintenance which might just add up to the already hefty price for installing it. 

Aluminium on the other hand, is not affected by such environmental related problems. It effectively fights against any kind of deterioration from all types of weather and climate without you having to do a single thing. 

  1. Manipulation

Aluminium is extremely beneficial when it comes to interior design. Owing to its high malleability, the metal can easily be beaten and and shaped in order to fit any sort of window design. If you have windows of uncommon shapes, Aluminium is definitely the way to go. 

Wood is rigid and requires much craftsmanship and effort to be able to shape it into peculiar geometry.  Additionally, the process will be extremely costly. 

  1. Security

When it comes to the question of security, aluminium is second to none. The metal is the clear winner in this category compared to any other. It offers maximum security and reliability which is very difficult for wood to offer. 

For any of your aluminium opening jobs in Mauritius, contact JMD International, which is a highly respected and experienced company in the domain, offering only state of the art and the most reliable service on the island. 


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Is your JMD Aluminium product genuine?

Both international and local market bear numerous manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium systems (aluminium doors, aluminium windows, aluminium roller shutters etc). For almost a decade now, JMD International has been at the heart of construction projects as a trusted manufacturer & supplier of aluminum profiles. There has been a dynamic evolution in the range of products and services offered by the company. JMD is known to create cutting edge aluminium openings to meet the requirements of the market without compromising on quality. Having a high reputation on the market for efficiency, quality and aesthetics, JMD aluminium is unfortunately being copied and these are products of poor quality which you should beware of.

Important things to know:
1. How do I know if you are buying genuine JMD: (certificates, guarantee, call and check)
2. What to do in case your product is not genuine
3. Preventive Measures

How to know if your JMD Aluminium Openings are genuine?

Aluminium openings in Mauritius are of various brands and quality. JMD started by
supplying the very well-known Gamme BOURBON. Partnered with JMD SAS (JMD
Reunion) when it started off, many IRS and Commercial Projects were completed using
this very product. Bourbon was supplied only by JMD. Installers have in the past used
JMD products. With strategic evolution and the dynamics of the market, we have totally
stopped the supply of Gamme Bourbon. As of date there IS NO SUPPLY OF GAMME
. So, how do you know if you JMD Openings are genuine?

A. If you are buying Gamme Bourbon in Mauritius in 2019, well, it is not genuine as there
is no more Gamme Bourbon on the local market.
B. JMD Aluminium openings come with a guarantee certificates & genuine certificates.
C. If NOT GIVEN guarantee certificate, request for one!
D. Guarantee on power-coated profiles are of 10 Years. NO LESS NO MORE. Learn more
about guarantee here.

What do to if your products are not genuine?

A. Please note all products delivered by JMD International itself are genuine.
B. If your re-seller clearly told you it is JMD Aluminium (S Line) and it is not genuine or
Gamme Bourbon, do revert back to them. Please do let us know if you have been given counterfeit products.
C. You can report the matter to the police or take legal actions so that you may be
compensated where applicable.

Preventive Measure to avoid any counterfeit products.

(i) You call always call us before buying your Aluminium Openings so we can advice on
genuineness of product.
(ii)You may always check with us who our authorised re-sellers are.
(iii) Do not forget to ask how many years product is guaranteed for.
(iv) Remember, JMD International does not supply Bourbon aluminium.

Roller Shutters

Shutters Mauritius

Are you in search for the best shutters for your home or commercial building in Mauritius? You have come to the right place.

At JMD International, we have been making various types of shutters since 2010. Thanks to our experience in the building and construction industry in Mauritius, we have crafted the highest-quality shutters on the market.

Our products are tailor-made and we think that no project is too big or small. JMD is known for its use of advanced technological machinery and quality materials. Whether it is shutters or aluminium doors and windows, our products are characterised by their strong durability and modern aesthetic looks.

Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters are all long-lasting. One example is our SLINE roller shutters system, which provides an added layer of security against extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and flying debris. This system also offers security against burglars and ensures noise protection. You can use them for old and new buildings. They are also an elegant and stylish alternative to blinds.

Panel shutters

Panel shutters guarantee a better insulation and security of your property This type of shutter has the advantage of a lower risk of deformation than for a traditional “solid wood” shutter. It adapts to all demands and offers dimensional stability.

  1. Casement Shutter

If you want the decorative architectural colonial style, your choice will naturally be the Casement Shutter. To promote this well known colonial state look, the casement shutter presents a clear advantage; it is side hinged and stacked on both sides. This type of shutter ensures optimal protection against violent weather conditions. Casement Shutters also have the advantage of near to zero maintenance cost when compared to alternatives such as traditional timber shutter.

Casement Shutter
  1. Sliding shutter

Sliding shutters are not only practical, they also provide protection of your building from direct sunlight and cyclonic conditions while enhancing the aesthetics of your openings.

Sliding Shutter

Designed with full louver blades or adjustable ones at heights, a sliding shutter also ensures privacy and protection against burglary.

  1. Cyclonic Delta Shutter

The Cyclonic Delta Shutter is a complete and versatile shutter system designed for residential as well as multi-storey commercial applications where protection against cyclonic winds, flying debris, theft are required. Designed specifically for doors, windows and verandahs, the Delta Shutter is a complete and fully versatile option for your home or building in Mauritius.

Volet Delta

Not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the delta shutters also take no more space. When not in use, they are stacked behind the openings and when in use, they simply unfold in an accordion manner to cover toad protect the openings during a storm.

  1. NewSolar® Shutters

Created with highest quality extruded aluminium, the Solarsis Roller Shutter is ranked as the most advanced sun-blind shutters across the globe. The newSolar® offers diverse dimming or gradual irradiation solutions making the enjoyment of natural light hassle-free.  This motorised sun-breaker provides a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Start saving energy right away.

New Solar Roller Shutter

JMD International – Expert shutter company in Mauritius

Our experienced staff will advise you based upon your project.

  • You can count on our support for all your project sizes.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience in the buildings and construction, we are ready to answer your questions on this topic.
  • We are the right contact for new and old buildings with insulated façade

We encourage you to explore our website to discover the wide range of products we offer on                                       

Renovation Project

Choosing Aluminium Openings for a Renovation Project – Part 2

Choosing aluminium openings for your home or office can prove to be difficult as discussed in Part 1 of our article. Renovation projects can get complicated without proper guidance. However it is never too late to give a new life to your property.  Over time, renovation becomes a must. Some crucial points to consider when choosing aluminium openings are: 

  • Architecture 
  • Your Needs 
  • Functionality
  • Budget
  • Team you choose to work with (Contact JMD who may recommend a certified fabricator and installer from his list)
  • Quality of product
  • Architecture

Part one of our article elaborated on the importance of considering your home architecture when choosing aluminium doors, windows or other openings for a new construction project. In case of a renovation project, the architecture of the building should also be taken into account when choosing an aluminium opening. Should you want for your home to have more of a modern architecture, wide openings such as sliding doors, inviting more light into the room, would be recommended. The size and type of openings you choose would play a major role is elevating the architecture of your house and changing its appearance for the best.

  • Your Needs

When considering a renovation, it is important to note that replacing aluminium windows are not the only way to go about.  A room could need:

  • Windows or doors replacement
  • New aluminium openings installation
  • Windows, doors, security grills repairs 
  • Maintenance
  • Accessories replacement such as handles or locks replacement.

So make sure not to limit your projects to removing existing openings to get them replaced with new ones.

  • Functionality

Getting brand new aluminium windows, doors, louvres, shutters may be pleasing to the eyes however the functionality of the product should be assessed. When working on a renovation project, it is important to see if the new replaced openings are functional. For instance, how to know if your sliding door is functional? Here are some points to be considered:

  • Is the opening allowing ventilation in the room as you would have wanted/needed?
  • Are the openings used allowing enough light in the room?
  • The view you seek to get from the room looking outside or the view looking in from outside. 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Security.
  • Budget

There is a wide range of products out on the market however your choice should depend on your needs but also on your budget. Having said that, never compromise on quality as very often the cheaper option is always the one that ends up costing more. So, budget well! Requesting a quote is always a first step to assure that one is  shopping within their budget.

More tips such as the importance of the team you hire, comfort & safety and more have been discussed in Part 1 of our article. Should you require any additional information for your renovation project, please do contact us. 

Aluminium Openings - La Balise

Choosing Aluminium Openings for Your Project. (Part 1)

Choosing Aluminium openings can prove to be difficult – be it for a new home project or for a next renovation plan. To help you in this process, we build up collection of useful and easy tips.  Part 1 of this article will be focussed on new construction projects. Coming up next week will be part 2 which will deal with aluminium choices for renovation projects.

Some very important points to consider are: 

  • Your Needs (Comfort & Security)
  • Your Building Architecture
  • Quality of openings 
  • The supplier & installer who will be fixing those openings. 
  • And of course your Budget
  1. Know Your Needs.

When picking aluminium openings such as: aluminium doors, aluminium windows, roller shutters, canopies , roof-lights, louvers amongst others, the first step is to consider what you need and what you want for your home. 

Try to consider the following:

  • Comfort & Safety:  Your family’s, yours and that of your hosts. When picking an aluminium sliding door for example, you can enhance security by opting for a protect door or shutters.
  • Product Efficiency: Aluminium doors and windows are not something which you are going to change every year, so make sure to choose something efficient and functional. Your openings should last.
  • Energy Efficiency: Moving towards a greener environment this is important and also an energy efficient window for example minimise the energy needed to cool or heat up the inner of your building. The glazing of your openings here would play an important role. 

2. Your Building Architecture. 

Aluminium openings should not only blend into your chosen architecture but should also enhance it. Your architect would be able to advise you on that else our professional team can always assist you. As an example, if you want more light into your home and you prefer an open concept for your common area (living, dining & kitchen), large sliding glass doors is what you seek. 

3. Your Supplier & Installer – Professionalism & Quality.

Be very careful when choosing the team you want to work with. There are many aluminium suppliers and installers around you, make sure to chose the professional ones. You do not want the installation to ruin your walls or flooring. Very often the product might be of good quality but the installers do a poor job at mounting the openings. The key is to choose a team of professionals with knowledge into the product you’ve chosen while assuring a good after sales service. For example, you don’t want to be left with a malfunctioning handle for months waiting for your installer to revert back to your calls. JMD may recommend to you a certified fabricator and installer from its list.

JMD International provides one of the best aluminium bars and openings of the local market. It should be noted that JMD offers 10 years* warranty on aluminium bars and 2 years* warranty on accessories*. 

Never compromise on quality! Quality ensures safety, reliability, functionality and effectiveness. 

Stay tuned for the part 2 of tips! Meanwhile , you may always contact us for any query you may have.

House Terrase Sliding

Aluminium windows Mauritius

The building and construction industry in Mauritius has changed drastically in the last twenty or even 10 years. Standards are not the same and even in openings and doors. If you are planning the construction of a new house, apartment or commercial building, you might probably be convinced by the modern look of aluminium windows in Mauritius.

Nevertheless, we’ll in this article take a look at what aluminium openings are and how they can benefit your home or commercial building. This article is brought to you by JMD International. Our company was created with the ambition to service the construction industry and more specifically the fenestration business.

Why aluminium window?

At JMD, our aluminum windows are timeless, individual and convince with many positive
features. They are lightweight, extremely stable and require only a small amount of
maintenance for a long service life. Due to the high stability and load-bearing capacity,
aluminum can also be used to produce windows in unusual sizes or shapes that would not be feasible with other materials.

Why buy an aluminum window?

Long life and easy care, aluminum doors and windows are permanent and need no painting.They have thermally separated profiles, which also have very good insulating properties. As a corrosion-free light metal, aluminum is extremely easy to clean and even bad weather conditions. Thanks to the high-quality stove enamel finish, even after a few years, it still seems to shine. They require little maintenance. Here are some key features:

● Stainless light metal
● Long-lasting colors by stoving
● Low maintenance

Modern looking windows

The appearance of an aluminum window differs significantly from windows made of other
materials. Aluminium windows look sophisticated and of premium quality. Aluminium frames can also be shaped to harmoniously blend in the design of your building.
All window shapes can be produced with aluminum profiles. When large window sizes are
desired, it can no longer be produced with a plastic profile. Elaborate and expensive to product are semi-circular, circular or window with a segmental arc, since the production of the round elements requires a lot of manual work.

Thermal insulation

The standard version is always equipped with double insulating glazing. Since metal has less good insulation properties than, say, wood, it is important to pay attention to good seals and insulations in aluminum windows.

So even passive house windows can be made of aluminum. Our aluminum windows are
equipped with special materials and profiled insulating bars. As a result, our products achieve very good thermal insulation values.

JMD International Ltd Aluminium windows Mauritius
The S LINE system is a range of aluminium system developed by JMD International Ltd, with the support of its partners.The S LINE has been developed to meet the market demand for quality products at more competitive prices.

See all our products below: