Aluminium doors design in 2020

The importance of a door to a house needs so special mention. While wooden doors are the most popular ones, they are prone to regular wear and tear. This is where aluminium door designs bring in the difference! Cheaper than plastic and stronger than wood, these doors are worth every penny and last for more than a few decades!

Besides their matchless durability and affordability, aluminium door designs also offer numerous advantages. They can be customized as per your requirements to create stylish, yet functional doors. Let us discuss more their importance, types, buying tips along with some of the latest Aluminum door images!

What Is Aluminium Door?

Aluminium is a silvery material, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The metal is used for making doors for commercial and residential properties.

What Are The Different Types Of Aluminium Doors?

Here are some of the popular varieties of aluminium door designs available in India, along with their benefits:

Aluminium Hinged Doors: These doors come with a hinge attached to the door, which opens inward or outward.

Aluminium BiFold Doors: These are great for exteriors and can be stacked to create space.

Aluminium Sliding Doors: They are low maintenance doors, which are easy to operate. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors of a home.

Aluminium Casement Doors: These doors come with huge, glass panels, which exactly you want for an entrance point. Casement doors also offer good ventilation and complete view of the exteriors.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Doors?

Besides their cost and lightweight properties, Aluminium door designs are packed with a number of benefits to your home.