Casement Doors & Windows

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Technical Specifications:

  • Aesthetics - To complement the Sash profiles, different options of bead are available; square, rounded or 45°.
  • Structure - Critical minimum wall thickness of profiles is 1.5mm.
  • Weathering - Sash seals utilise the natural EPDM vent seal to ensure sound weathering.
  • Manufacturing - Frames and sashes are 45° meter outs and mechanically connected using aluminium purpose made corner cleats.
  • Site Installation - Traditional installation with options of different frames with or without dip on groove.
  • Glazing options - 6mm-24mm
The S LINE system is a range of aluminium system developed by JMD International Ltd, with the support of its partners.The S LINE has been developed to meet the market demand for quality products at more and more competitive prices.