Is your JMD Aluminium product genuine?

Both international and local market bear numerous manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium systems (aluminium doors, aluminium windows, aluminium roller shutters etc). For almost a decade now, JMD International has been at the heart of construction projects as a trusted manufacturer & supplier of aluminum profiles. There has been a dynamic evolution in the range of products and services offered by the company. JMD is known to create cutting edge aluminium openings to meet the requirements of the market without compromising on quality. Having a high reputation on the market for efficiency, quality and aesthetics, JMD aluminium is unfortunately being copied and these are products of poor quality which you should beware of.

Important things to know:
1. How do I know if you are buying genuine JMD: (certificates, guarantee, call and check)
2. What to do in case your product is not genuine
3. Preventive Measures

How to know if your JMD Aluminium Openings are genuine?

Aluminium openings in Mauritius are of various brands and quality. JMD started by
supplying the very well-known Gamme BOURBON. Partnered with JMD SAS (JMD
Reunion) when it started off, many IRS and Commercial Projects were completed using
this very product. Bourbon was supplied only by JMD. Installers have in the past used
JMD products. With strategic evolution and the dynamics of the market, we have totally
stopped the supply of Gamme Bourbon. As of date there IS NO SUPPLY OF GAMME
. So, how do you know if you JMD Openings are genuine?

A. If you are buying Gamme Bourbon in Mauritius in 2019, well, it is not genuine as there
is no more Gamme Bourbon on the local market.
B. JMD Aluminium openings come with a guarantee certificates & genuine certificates.
C. If NOT GIVEN guarantee certificate, request for one!
D. Guarantee on power-coated profiles are of 10 Years. NO LESS NO MORE. Learn more
about guarantee here.

What do to if your products are not genuine?

A. Please note all products delivered by JMD International itself are genuine.
B. If your re-seller clearly told you it is JMD Aluminium (S Line) and it is not genuine or
Gamme Bourbon, do revert back to them. Please do let us know if you have been given counterfeit products.
C. You can report the matter to the police or take legal actions so that you may be
compensated where applicable.

Preventive Measure to avoid any counterfeit products.

(i) You call always call us before buying your Aluminium Openings so we can advice on
genuineness of product.
(ii)You may always check with us who our authorised re-sellers are.
(iii) Do not forget to ask how many years product is guaranteed for.
(iv) Remember, JMD International does not supply Bourbon aluminium.

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