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Aluminium shutters for your home or commercial area offer great durability and are superior to timber and will not crack, warp or shrink. This low maintenance product provides you with a level of safety, fitted with block locks to hold the blade into a fixed position of your choice and a safety lock and keys.

Aluminum shutters in Mauritius are available in various colours. You can choose the colour of your shutters by the traditionalist approach that is to match your shutters to your roof colour.

Shutters may be employed for a variety of reasons:

  • To control the amount of sunlight entering a room
  • To provide privacy, security
  • To protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a building.

Let us see the different types of shutters and their uses


Rolling shutters are durable and provide higher protection for glass windows or doors of a home.  They protect from severe weather conditions, possible burglars, and freak accidents in which a glass window or door breaks. They can also help for noise reduction.


Panel shutters are built with two solid panels. Their design provides extra security and some insulating properties. Panel shutters come in raised panel, flat panel and recessed panel styles.


Shutters provide many benefits to Casement windows, including privacy, light and lots of styles. It can be fixed into the recess of your windows or just outside of it to make sure you still get full access of your windows, and they retain their full functionality.

Sliding shutters will usually be found on the exterior of a building and will move from one set point to the other.  They are primarily panels that are normally constructed of louvres  and are a perfect way to create extra  privacy or add shade from the sun when required.  They can also be constructed from laser-cut aluminium panels to create a signature design. Homes with full length windows, for example, may utilize sliding shutters to gain more control of their living areas.You can slide your shutters of your balcony into position  where  your guests and you can enjoy being out on your balcony  or deck without the fierce sun .


A complete and polyvalent systems, the delta shutters have been designed for residential as well as multi-storeyed commercial  applications where  protection against cyclonic winds , flying debris, theft etc…, are required.


Solar shutters are created with the top  quality extruded aluminium.  Solar shutters  are classified as the most  advanced  sun-blind  shutters across the globe. 

We are fortunate, though, as technology has advanced  likewise,  have the options to operate shutters.  For convenience of use, many people will now choose electronically operable shutters.

So whether it is standard sliding shutters with classic louvre infills or something more decorative that you require, here at JMD LTD they will work with you to find the best shutter system that is perfect  for your project.

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